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      Search Engine Marketing In 2012 For Small Business

                                            In 2011 there were many changes to how the major search engines such as Google ranked websites in particular Google’s Panda update has notoriously shut down many online business owners and changes the way we do [...]

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      The Truth About Internet Marketing Products

      I’ve been in the Internet Marketing arena for a while now (more than 5 years) and it is a fun challenging and ever changing field. One thing that I hate as much as anyone else is the sheer amount of garbage that gets sold to the investing public who wants to learn about Internet Marketing/SEO [...]

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      Which is More Effective SEO or SMO?

                                            Here is my recent answer on about a topic that many people may be wondering about. Here is my take on SEO vs SMO. They both can work depending on the project you are working [...]

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      Using Video Marketing In Your Business

        Video Marketing can be very beneficial to your online marketing goals. What you want to do with video marketing is to use it to drive traffic to your online website. Here are my top video sharing sites that I use and would encourage others to use if you aren’t already. [...]

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      Small Business Web Marketing Do I Really Need A Website?

                                        A lot of business owners are still hesitant to get online for a variety of reasons, here are some of them. My customers don’t use the internet  I just don’t have time to manage a website I don’t [...]

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