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      How Do I Decide Which SEO Company To Trust?

      Maryland SEO


      This question comes up a lot on various search engine optimization forums, business forums and the like. It’s usually asked by a business owner or entrepreneur who knows they need SEO and Web Marketing but they do not know which company or consultant to pick. Here I will give you some honest answers to this question and just because I wrote this it doesn’t mean I’m trying to persuade you to work with Maryland SEO or any other particular company. I feel that there is more than enough business for every SEO/Internet Marketing company and that not every customer or client is a good match for every business.

      Here are my tips on finding a good SEO company/consultant:

      1. Start by writing down exactly what you want on paper, the reason is that you should get very clear on what you want first before doing anything. If you need help updating your Blog this isn’t necessary the job of an SEO. If you need help with Web Design again this isn’t the job of an SEO. If you need articles written again this isn’t the job of an SEO. An SEO is the person who will provide you guidance on marketing your business online, they will recommend tools and activities that can be done to improve your ranking, to improve your conversions and to get you more traffic. They will formulate the strategy that you need. Consider the SEO Company or consultant your Medical Doctor specializing in brain surgery. If you need stuff done like articles, WordPress updating, Web Design, Graphics, etc. hire a Virtual Assistant!
      2. Just because a company will provide you with a free consultation doesn’t mean anything. Free consultations are just that FREE, remember the old saying you get what you pay for. Don’t think that you will get a full solution from any SEO company with a free consultation and here is why. Many people will go around calling up every SEO company they can find asking for a free consultation knowing they don’t really intend on doing any business. They do this either because they are a competitor pretending to be a customer trying to steal methods and materials or it could be a person who wants to see how much they can get for free without paying. Serious business owners and entrepreneurs should always be prepared to pay for high quality within your budget. If your budget does not allow for high quality DO NOT engage any SEO campaigns yet. Wait until you have the full budget whatever that may be according to your goals. Just doing a little SEO may have very little effect but some people think it’s better to do something rather than nothing I don’t agree. Do it right the first time. Don’t waste your time or money on any cheap or free activities unless you know for sure you can win.
      3. Do a one-two month trial with an SEO company. This can be very effective because you can see within 60 days if they can produce results or not. Pay close attention to their customer service, are they responsive to your questions, do they answer your emails, are they committed to your project or are you just another client to them. Don’t commit more than 2 months until you know for sure they are reliable, trustworthy and will work hard on your project with honesty. There are a lot of talented SEO guys out there but some of them are lazy and will take your project on but not really do anything. It’s not that they can’t, it’s that they are lazy so you want to guard yourself against this.
      4. Ask around, visit reliable SEO sites such as and ask them if they can give you a recommendation. The reason I would suggest SEOMoz is because they have a track record and a good reputation in the community. They have worked with a lot of large and small companies, they have a lot at stake and so they aren’t into quick money or trying to hustle some poor business owner. You can guarantee to the best of their knowledge they will steer you in the right direction.

      I’ll have more tips for you guys in other articles but I hope you find some of this information helpful, good luck to you all and let’s go make a ton of money!

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