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      How Do You Stand Out In Your Market?

      The way to stand out in your market is to first take a long hard look at your business, figure out what makes you unique. I know it sounds like a cliché and for many people it makes them throw up if the next marketing professional keeps asking them “what makes you unique?”  Here are some simple things to think about that hopefully won’t make this a boring exercise.

      • Create your marketing message – a simple statement about what you do that can explain your business in a short sentence or two. Sort of like an elevator pitch. A famous marketing message is like from dominoes pizza “fresh hot pizza in 30 minutes or your money back”. This marketing message also catered to the fact that people wanted their pizza fast. So you should look at what does your audience, your clients your prospects want? Really think about that, not what you want to give them or what you see other businesses doing, what does your customer really want? After you have figured that out, create your marketing message. This is important because it will help guide you in all of your marketing endeavors.
      • Study your market intently, monitor conversations and activity, buying behaviors and gripes. For the insurance industry people are tired of paying the big huge premiums, in the car industry people don’t want to pay for a clunker, in the music industry people want to purchase a good album but not have to pay $20 or more for an album just to hear one good song, they want choices. You should understand the complaints that people have and structure your business to overcome those complaints and successfully sell them what they want.
      • Become an expert at what you do, build up a following of people who trust you by being a trustworthy individual. This will go a long way in your business career. Be the man or woman who can get things done. If you have that reputation then it can be very easy for you to get new business and get referred to new business.
      • Create something different; try to be different without being totally crazy about it. We are all professionals and we try to be conservative, there are times when you can cross the line a little bit, do something out of the ordinary, it should be that you’re always testing new methods of your approach to gaining more business. You should continue to master your craft in methods that have gotten you to success but also add new techniques to your repertoire.
      • Know how to please your customers, when I go to certain businesses I’ve been surprised by how easily they give up on a customer’s needs, “sorry sir we don’t carry that”, “sorry sir I don’t know when we will get that in”. I’ve almost always went back to businesses that write down my request and tell me come back in 2 or 3 days and we will have it for you, now that is service!

      You can stand out in your market if you have intently studied and found what is working, what’s not working and keep testing what you can do to get some new things working. Never go with the flow.

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