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      How to Increase Local Search Engine Traffic to your website

      Maryland SEO

      Maryland SEO

      Many businesses that are operating on a local level and specifically only targeting local customers need a good way to continual drive traffic to their websites. Companies that have a strong presence online don’t have to depend on traditional sales people to do cold calling and beating down doors looking for business. Of course this is still a great option if you have the resources but consider utilizing your website as the lead generator for your business. Local traffic which is targeted can be very lucrative. Check out these tips below to find out how to drive traffic locally.

      1. You want to use Search Engine Optimization on a local level and use keywords that represent your local demographic area. For example if your a dentist located in Brooklyn, New York then you want to research and think about using keywords within your website that your local customers would be typing into Google. For example “dentists in Brooklyn”, Brooklyn, NY dentists”, etc. This will allow you to capture buyers in your local area who need a dentists because most of the time when people search locally for a product or service they are looking to purchase.
      2. Write and publish articles on local websites, directories and social media sites that will present you as an expert in your field. If you don’t know how to write good articles hire someone on your behalf to write high quality articles that answer some key questions that your potential prospects in your local area would have. Remember you want to come across as the person that has the answers, that has the solutions people need and writing articles demonstrating that can definitely help. There are hundreds of article directories where you can publish your articles for free online.
      3. Register your business website on local business directories in your area such as Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local. These websites are very popular and get a lot of traffic, from Google Places alone depending on your industry and location you can drive a ton of traffic to your business website. You can also consider posting to the Yellow Pages so you can get listed in your local area for the services and products you provide. Do your research and find out what the costs are and if you can afford it, I highly recommend posting your business in all of these places.
      4. Join online forums that are within your industry, for example if your a dentist and there is a popular dentist forum, sign up and get involved as much as you can. You don’t have to spend enormous amounts of time on these forums but the more you reach out to your community it will have a long lasting effect as you being a serious player, a resource to the community and to your customers and clients. Your clients will Google search you to find out more about you, if they find videos, articles, forum posts that you have written online this will add to your credibility.
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