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      Not Using Social Media? Why Not?

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      Social Media Marketing

      There are a lot of choices when it comes to what Social Media Network you choose to use, but the simple fact is that you should definitely use Social Media as more people are relying on this platform to learn about products and services, to get feedback from other people who have used these products and services and in helping them to determine if they should purchase or not.

      Just take this example, a business owner/entrepreneur sets up a Facebook Fan Page and promotes their product or service. Several people decide to try the product and report back at the Fan Page that it was a good product with good quality and excellent customer service. What do you think that will do for the next person you happens upon that Facebook Fan Page trying to decide whether to purchase the product/service or not? People love to spend money but they are afraid of getting burnt by yet another product or service claiming to help them out and not doing it. Real world feedback from real people in Social Media has been shown to affect buying behavior.

      So you may be saying that you don’t have time for Social Media, you have a business to run, etc. Well the problem with that statement is that your basically saying you don’t have time to reach out to your business community, your saying you don’t have time to build deeper relationships with your current or future customers. In effect this is how business is going to be done and Social Media whether we like it or not is going to be the way people decide on whether to do business with you or not.

      You don’t have to like Social Media but you should start learning it for yourself or at the very least hire someone who can start reaching out and networking on behalf of your business. Be careful you don’t just want to hire anyone, remember this is YOUR business and they should understand YOUR business to a great extend and how you do business before even attempting to speak for you out in the community. This is similar to having a person go to a local Chamber of Commerce event and speak to people about your business on your behalf. If they don’t know a lot they could just make you look stupid and that is the same thing that can happen in Social Media.

      Your reputation is at stake and so when you decide its time for you to venture out into the world of Social Networking come prepared. I would encourage everyone to talk with a trusted Social Media Marketing company, whether its Google Marketing Guru or someone else, but it should be a company of reliability and trust.

      Take this information into account and you will benefit if you are doing business online.

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