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      Optimized Google Places Listings

      optimized google places Optimized Google Places Listings

      Google Places is FREE for all businesses to use but you’ll be surprised at just how many businesses may have a Google Places listing but haven’t claimed it. You will also be surprised at how many businesses casually setup their Google Places listing but then do very little to optimize it.


      We can’t blame them, they are much too busy to worry about the nuisances and tweaks that you can make to a Google Places listing, that is where we come in at. Not only do we optimize it but we do other things to make your listing stand out. When a potential prospect is looking for the next restaurant, law firm, plumber on their iPhone using Google those prospects often times will pull up a Google Places listings on their phone.


      Who do you think wins when it comes to getting their business. It will be the business listings on Google Places that not only have a listing, but also have reviews (often several good reviews) and other content that will encourage a prospect to do business with them.


      Here are some of the things we will do to highly optimize your Google Places listing.

      • Properly fill out all details about your business in the Google Places listing
      • Add web videos about your business to the Google Places listing
      • Create some key back links to your Google Places listing to boost it’s rank
      • Create interesting and unique descriptions to your listing
      • Encourage your current customers to go to your Google Places listing and hopefully positively review your business

      There are some other things that we can do but just doing the basics often times is enough to make your listing stand out in front of most of your competition. The main reason is because most of your competition still doesn’t understand the full importance of having that listing.


      Let me give you an example, I personally know businesses that have nothing but a Google Places listing and they are receiving dozens of highly qualified leads every single day. These businesses don’t have to spend any money on PPC (Pay Per Click) these businesses don’t necessarily have strong organic SEO rankings, but their Google Places listing stands out and enables them to attract a lot of business.


      Like the old saying goes if your going “don’t leave money on the table”


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