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      Properly Optimizing Your Business Website

      Web Design


      Having a website is a great way to get yourself more customers more leads and build your business. Follow these tips to maximize your web marketing.

      • Map out what keywords you plan to use on your website this is very important, do proper keyword research and/or if you already know what your customers and clients or potential customer and clients are searching for when they use Google then use those keywords. Make a list and put it in a spreadsheet or a notepad or word doc of some kind.
      • Choose the platform you want to use for your website, for example if you want to be more independent and not have to rely on web designers, graphic designers, etc then you want to pick a content management system such as WordPress. WordPress will allow you to add content, update content to your website without needing any web designers or knowing any code. The platform is important because if you relied on a typical static HTML site you would need to know how to update the web pages and that can be a cumbersome and long process if you are just learning. Stick to what you do best and the most important thing is to get your website online.
      • Spend time writing good content for your website, and commit to doing this on a regular basis. The web is full of blogs and websites that have been abandoned and not updated in a long time. If your an attorney or dentist for example make sure you keep writing, make your writing targeted though your marketing should be for your potential clients and current clients and not just everyone in general. The more targeted and niched you are the more likely you will get the type of clients you want through your communication.
      • Don’t worry about getting a web designer, take it from me a lot of web designers are lazy, yes they are very talented but they are very busy and often take on more work than they can handle, if you don’t have to hire a web designer I would consider using or setting up a WordPress based website this way you are in control and you don’t have to wait around for someone else. Your website doesn’t need to be perfect from the start, none of the big boys such as Google or Yahoo had perfect websites when they started. It’s a growing process, I’ve updated this website about 3 or 4 times already and I plan on doing another update in a few months. The content will stay but the layout and design may change. So it’s best to get your website up and running as quickly as you can so you can get indexed in Google.
      • Don’t try to mimic what your competitors are doing because first of all you don’t know if what they are doing is working even if they are above you in the listings. Focus on learning from them but don’t take it for granted that because they have a 5 page website that you need to have exactly 5 pages as well.
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