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      How to Increase Local Search Engine Traffic to your website

      Many businesses that are operating on a local level and specifically only targeting local customers need a good way to continual drive traffic to their websites. Companies that have a strong presence online don’t have to depend on traditional sales people to do cold calling and beating down doors looking for business. Of course this [...]

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      How Do I Decide Which SEO Company To Trust?

        This question comes up a lot on various search engine optimization forums, business forums and the like. It’s usually asked by a business owner or entrepreneur who knows they need SEO and Web Marketing but they do not know which company or consultant to pick. Here I will give you some honest answers to [...]

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      Optimized Google Places Listings

      Google Places is FREE for all businesses to use but you’ll be surprised at just how many businesses may have a Google Places listing but haven’t claimed it. You will also be surprised at how many businesses casually setup their Google Places listing but then do very little to optimize it.   We can’t blame [...]

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