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      Internet Marketing Strategies For Business

      Local Businesses have been sent a great gift in the Internet, some may think it’s a curse. But indeed the Internet is the ultimate equalizer, no longer are you forced to have to pay for expensive Yellow Page ads, no longer are you forced to spend on TV and Radio ads that may or may [...]

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      Optimized Google Places Listings

      Google Places is FREE for all businesses to use but you’ll be surprised at just how many businesses may have a Google Places listing but haven’t claimed it. You will also be surprised at how many businesses casually setup their Google Places listing but then do very little to optimize it.   We can’t blame [...]

      Email Marketing Can Help Small Business Owners

      One of the most important marketing tools a local business owner should have is email marketing. It is a way to spread out the information through regular updates in the form of emails to potential customers. Email marketing is also a cheaper way to stay in touch with current customers. Proof that Email Campaigns Really [...]

      Google Maps for Local Business

      One of the major reasons it is essential to have some sort of online presence is because you need your business to be found easily. And where do people go when they need to find something? Google! Google makes checking out businesses easy with well-detailed listings of all sorts of information. Google Maps is another [...]

      Privacy Advice for Business Owners Who Use Social Networking Tool

      You may use a range of social networking tools to enhance your company’s marketing and brand-building efforts. Social tools likes those offered by Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook enable people to rapidly share their activity on your site with their friends and they allow users to create a direct digital connection with your brand. However, there [...]