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      The Power of Link Building on Your Website

      link building The Power of Link Building on Your WebsiteWhat is Link Building?

      Link building is simply the process of getting links to your websites from other websites.  It’s how we move from one information to another whether it is trivial, factual, scientifical, opinionated, etc. Links are also a big factor of how Google ranks you.

      Link building strategy is absolutely essential for any business that wants to be successful online.

      Links that point back to your site do two things: they bring you targeted traffic and they enhance your search engine rankings. Research says that online users click the first website in the list, believing it’s the most relevant answer to their query.

      How to have enough good links pointing to your website?

      By placing your links on another site that is related to your content, you can bring visitors to your site who are interested in the sort of content you offer. And Google, king of the search engines, places more value and greater rankings on sites with multiple links pointing back to them.

      What are the Benefits of Link Building?

      • Links creates direct traffic. If a user is on a website they trust, they are likely to follow links that it recommends – or at the least, users will follow links that make the destination site appear to provide some valuable information.
      • Links build users trust in you. If users see a link to you on a popular or respected site, their level of trust in what you say or what you offer is likely to be higher.
      • Links build search engine trust in your site. If you have many links pointing to your site from other sites, your content must contain quality; important information. Sites with links from trusted sites are ‘trust-worthy’.
      • Links tell search engines and users what your pages are about. To determine what a web page is about search engines look at a few critical elements on a web page, but just as important (if not more) is the text used in links that point to your page – from within your site and from outside sites.
      • Links establish your site in ‘Communities’. Typically, the types of sites that easily offer and create links to your site are community type sites that are updated on a regular basis, either by a main administrator, or by users themselves.
      • Links are traceable and provide market intelligence.
      • Links are free advertising. Unless you’ve paid for your link – it is free advertising for you.
      • Links are assets – They add value to your property. Your website is your internet property, and it has value. What gives your website saleable value (typically) is the amount of traffic the site can generate.
      • Links reveal strategic partnerships.
      • Link Building would also mean that your website stays ahead of your competition for your targeted keywords.

      For new sites, link building is not an easy task. Links must be quality links, and all the links must not appear all of a sudden. So the best strategy is to initiate a strategy that results in a steady flow of links to your site.

      You can hire a link builder that will work dedicatedly for your business. You can instruct the person to build links the way you want.

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