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      The Truth About Internet Marketing Products

      internet marketing The Truth About Internet Marketing ProductsI’ve been in the Internet Marketing arena for a while now (more than 5 years) and it is a fun challenging and ever changing field. One thing that I hate as much as anyone else is the sheer amount of garbage that gets sold to the investing public who wants to learn about Internet Marketing/SEO topics.


      The problem is that if your a newbie to the Internet Marketing world you are at a disadvantage not because you are unskilled and don’t have a lot of knowledge yet, you are at a disadvantage because there are so many options and so many people telling you what you should learn. Below is just a short list of many of the things people will tell you, you must learn in the Internet Marketing world!

      • Email marketing
      • Social media marketing
      • Social media optimization
      • Pay per click marketing
      • Bum marketing
      • Search engine optimization
      • Search engine marketing
      • Niche marketing
      • Link building
      • Affiliate marketing
      • Video marketing
      • List building
      • CPA marketing

      This is just a short list of all the topics you are presented with as a newbie or even a person with some experience in the Internet Marketing world. Then what you are presented with is a long list of “GURUS” who claim to hold the secret to success online. The fact of the matter is they don’t hold any secrets (accept for maybe a few guys who really innovate and come up with creative marketing methods). Otherwise they are just learning the information that many people are too lazy to learn themselves or don’t know how to find themselves and charging you thousands of dollars to gain access to that information, in many cases way overcharging you and hyping everything up.


      Why should you listen to me about this topic anyway? Because I’ve purchased a lot of Internet Marketing products during my early learning stages, I’ve attended hundreds of webinars, read tons of free and paid ebooks, watched many videos and opted in to nearly all of the Internet Marketing “GURUS” mailing list. In fact I have a gmail account dedicated to receiving all the emails from the “GURUS” to which they send me usually 1 email per day at least a couple times a week. I have the experience to know what a good product is and isn’t and I know too many Internet Marketing products are crap.


      Maybe crap is a harsh word but most of the time the information is freely available online in most cases but the “GURU” will gladly package it up and present it to you on a silver plater because many people in the Internet Marketing world are too lazy to find the information themselves or they don’t know where and how to start. So along comes the “GURU”.


      This is why probably 90% of the newbies never make a dime because they are listening to bad advice, misinformation, half truths and following old methods from “GURUS” that used to work months and years ago that the “GURU” decided to sell to you so they can make more money!


      I’m not going to list the names of the GURUS because that isn’t fair and not necessary, also I don’t want anyone to think that all of the guys you may know as a GURU involve themselves in bad practices, crap products, etc.


      I just hope I can warn many of the newbies that decide they want to enter this industry/field of practice so they have a better understanding of how to pick products they want to use to learn from, who they should follow, how to figure out who to follow, etc.


      Here are the common problems with a lot of Internet Marketing products (this is not a complete list):

      • Methods are no longer working, the person selling them knows this but to the general public the product/method is sold as a new “secret” the next gold rush if you will
      • The product only shows you part of the information, you don’t have a complete picture of how to implement, steps are missing the product isn’t professionally thought out so that buyers could really benefit
      • The copyrighting on the product is done by a good copyrighter but the contents of the product are less than to be desired, nothing but fluff
      • The product is endorsed by an established “GURU” with a large email list, which he proceeds to send out to his loyal subscribers who trust him, and he shares in any profits made on the product, this GURU may not have necessarily experienced or used the product at all (I know this doesn’t just happen in the Internet Marketing world)
      • The product is sold with a guarantee but the problem is most people are too lazy to follow through on all of the steps and process needed and often don’t get to the point where they can validate whether the product works, they get bored and move on to another “secret method” from another GURU
      • People jump from GURU to GURU hoping that the GURU will give them the master key without them having to do very much work, people want to buy into products that supposedly will do all the link building for them, all the writing for them, and there are many people who will again gladly package something up for you to buy
      • The product is sold with an angle that it’s easy to have success if you just follow a few simple steps, all you have to do is click a button essentially and you will have success
      • The product is sold within the GURU’s inner circle they claim they have made $10k in a week but they fail to tell you they did it selling to their own existing subscriber list and to their Internet Marketing GURU buddies to which you wouldn’t have especially if your just starting out
      • The GURU will sell you a course on Facebook even though people who really know Facebook understand that Facebook methods are ever changing, and spending $999 for a Facebook course is outrageous especially when it only takes 15-30 minutes to learn how to use Facebook ads if you’ve never done it before.

      So how do you protect yourself from purchasing bad products when your just starting out or wanting to learn about Internet Marketing? Here are my suggestions:

      • Fully research the person you want to follow and learn from, if your goal is to become a Super Affiliate Marketer does the person you want to follow or the product you are buying from someone that is actually making money in the real world of Affiliate Marketing or are they just making their money selling you “how to products”?
      • Find a mentor that is actually doing what you want to do, a true master that wouldn’t mind taking you under their wing and showing you the ropes (even if you have to pay them) I’ve done this before
      • Check out independent reviews of any product or person you want to follow, don’t just rely on all the testimonials on their own website, look for proof in other areas such as if they are claiming to be the Facebook GURU then check them out on Facebook, check them out on Twitter, do they use Quora, are they active on LinkedIn or any other real world web sites. Its easy to get impressed by all the hype but don’t.


      The bottom line is there are a lot of very smart, honest, reliable Internet Marketers that actually do walk their talk, but as with almost any other industry you have hoards of wanna bes, slick talking hyped up guys/gals that don’t really do anything special but claim to be the answer to all of your problems. Do yourself a favor and be careful anytime you are about to spend your time or money, good luck!

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