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      Tips To Track Your Social Media Campaigns

      Social Media Monitoring



      When working with Social Media it is important to consistently test and monitor how well your campaigns are coming along. If your networking and promoting yourself on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc you want to know if your connecting with the right people, if your increasing your influence and if people really value and like what you are sharing.

      It is critical that early on you get used to monitoring, the fact is so few people do, they could be leaving a lot of money on the table by not taking advantage of what the numbers are telling you. Follow these tips below to start tracking your Social Media campaigns

      • Setup Google Alerts and enter the URLS for each of your Social Media profiles, your website, your brand name or business name so you can track anybody mentioning you online. You can then respond if needed, or just follow what is going on.
      • Use sites such as to track anyone commenting on blog posts about your website, business or service.
      • Use sites such as to notify you if any of your keywords are used as tags on any blogs or search engines
      • Use to search for any of your keyword phrases and what people are talking about them online.
      • Use sites such as to run real time searches on what people are talking about on Twitter
      • Monitor what people are talking about using


      Good luck in your Social Media campaigns!

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