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      Using Video Marketing In Your Business

      youtube logo Using Video Marketing In Your Business


      Video Marketing can be very beneficial to your online marketing goals. What you want to do with video marketing is to use it to drive traffic to your online website. Here are my top video sharing sites that I use and would encourage others to use if you aren’t already.


      Yes there are plenty other video sharing sites but these are the heavy weights that I have used and the only ones most of the time that get me in top spots in Google and drive the most views and traffic. If you are going to do anything with video you should be using YouTube, DailyMotion is a strong video site which I love that also gets ranked well in the search engines.

      MetaCafe is a very strong site as well followed by and Here are some quick tips when it comes to developing your video marketing strategy for your business.

      • I see a lot of funny videos but for business I would recommend creating an informational video which includes the top questions your potential customers and clients may have about your product or service. You could respond to one question per video.
      • Video gives your prospects a glimpse into your business, your products and services without being pressured by a sales man, remember people love to buy but they don’t necessarily want to be pressured to buy, any sign of the words “buy” “quotes” “discount” and it gives people a bad taste, don’t force people to buy your products or services before they are ready.
      • Use tags and descriptions in your videos, try to give them a good idea of what the video is about in the title especially, craft titles similar to book titles or magazines make them so that it encourages people to read and share your videos.
      • There are many other websites to promote your videos, but the list above are the places you want to get started at to ramp up and get maximum traction.
      • Use the YouTube keyword tool to find out what people are using YouTube and searching for, remember YouTube is a search engine as well, people use YouTube for a variety of reasons, they use it to find tutorials, find ideas, watch news, watch movies, etc. If you can match what’s hot and being searched and create video content that could also related to your business you have a winner. One of our videos in the dating niche went viral and has over 600k views in less than a year with no gadgets, no tricks just simple methods we use. Give people what they want is the lesson and you can win almost every time.
      • There are lots of tools that offer video distribution and I’ve used a lot of them, my recommendation is that you don’t need it. Go for quality in the beginning and if you really think you need automated tools you can make your own using free software. I will share some of my methods soon in one of our newsletters. Stay Tuned!

      Good luck and I hope some of these methods are useful and help you out in your video marketing goals.

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