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      Video Marketing For Business

      video marketing Video Marketing For Business

      Video is an incredible way for your business to present itself to the world. I am sure you have heard of YouTube, well the statistics are absolutely mind boggling I won’t bore you with all the details about them here. But what I will tell you is that you should create at least a few videos to market your business on YouTube. Almost any device can create videos of decent quality, those same videos can be distributed onto YouTube and many other sites. If you have a Google Analytics account you can see for yourself the sheer amount of traffic that a YouTube account can bring you on a daily basis.

      Many people don’t even have websites, they just have YouTube and they market and promote themselves straight from the video, you can too. There is no rule that says you have to have a website. The video should be interesting, it does NOT have to look like a professionally produced video. It doesn’t need the super polish. But it should be relevant and worthy of watching. The best type of videos I can suggest for businesses to make our ones that educate and inform your audience, therefore you are giving back to the web, whether people do business with you or not they will remember your video and it will stand out more because you unselfish gave back.

      Outside of creating a video for the web, you need to distribute that video, we can take your video marketing project from creation to distribution. We do it ourselves for our own business, we believe in web video and we know it works. We receive opt-ins (email subscriptions) on a daily basis just from videos we may have made and distributed months ago. Videos last a long time, thus it is an excellent idea to create one, they can last for years! Not many other forms of media last that long.

      One other thing is that you don’t have to star in your own business video, we can use other forms of content, it’s not necessary to even have people in your video if you don’t want, the main key here is to send a message. Make it work for your audience, entertain them a little, share something special, give them something of value in the video, educate them. I think you are starting to get the picture. You can contact us to discuss the particulars but we would love to help business owners get a boost, creating a video is a one time thing that can give you a long lasting effect. Do it over and over for a long period of time and you can TRANSFORM your business! We are doing it on our own business and will continue to see great ROI because of it. We hope you can enjoy the same benefits…



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